July 10, 2009

Parshall City Council discusses water strategy

Parshall City Council discusses water strategy
Once again, water was the main topic of discussion at the Parshall City Council meeting Tuesday morning.
City Auditor Loren Hoffman told the council the city sold 12 million gallons of water in June, which is a record amount in a month and he expects it will happen again in July because of increased activity in the oil patch.
In addition, Mountrail County Economic Development Director Kenton Onstad met with the council to discuss the water line that runs four miles north of town to the NorthWestern Dairy, which was recently purchased.
Hoffman said the city has requested that the water line going to the dairy be transferred to the city from State Water Commission. Onstad said he would be interested in the Water Commission’s response because it was clear in the original agreement when the dairy was built that the line would stay with the facility.
“I don’t know if the State Water Commission has the authority to oversee it,” Onstad said. “But the issue is about pressure.”

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