December 9, 2011

Parshall City Council eyes expansion plans

Parshall City Council eyes expansion plans
By Jerry W. Kram
Parshall is growing rapidly, and the pace of development looks like it will accelerate in 2012. The Parshall City Council is looking to the future and heard from a planning consultant on how it can direct and control the communities growth in the coming years.
When the council decided to expand the city limits through annexation several months ago, it engaged the SRF Consulting Group to help assemble a land use and growth management plan that would help the city manage the rapid pace of change brought by the oil boom. Cindy Gray, a planner and senior associate with SRF, showed the council several maps detailing how the community could expand in a rational way over the next several years.
Gray cautioned that the maps were just draft suggestions and needed to incorporate changes that had occurred in the last few months, like the annexation of the area in the southeast corner of the intersection between North Dakota Highways 23 and 37. However, the general shape of the plan seemed sensible for the council.

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