August 18, 2016

Parshall city council gets project updates

By Jerry W. Kram
The wet summer has made a mess of a lot of things, but many of the building projects around Parshall have managed to make progress despite the conditions.
The Parshall City Council got updates on a number of local projects at its regular meeting. One project of interest was the Taco Johns restaurant that is being built on the east side of North Dakota Highway 37. The project was stalled while a connection was installed under the highway to connect the east side of the city with the city water system.
Chris Saxton of SEH Engineering told the council that all the utility connections for the Taco Johns were completed last week. This week curb and gutters would be installed and paving will begin on the Second Street access to the property. In the coming weeks framers will start to put up the walls.
“It should start looking like a building in a few weeks,” Saxton said.
Dennis Steele asked the council if city water would be available for his business, the Saddle Rack, soon. Steele said that he has had to haul water to the business since it opened five years ago. He was told that the city will be installing a six inch water line that would serve the east side of the highway, but not until next summer. He was given permission to make a temporary connection to the line serving the Taco Johns until the main loop is installed.


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