December 10, 2010

Parshall continues growth pattern

Parshall continues growth pattern
New and existing projects highlight city council


Dean Rasmussen wanted the city council to know that just because it is winter doesn’t mean that construction work has stopped.
Rasmussen, with Kadrmas Lee & Jackson, told the council materials are now on site for a new shop building that will be erected just northwest of the city.
In addition to that, up to 100 RV units will be staged to the north of the building in the coming months.
Rasmussen said he will present an annexation proposal next month and called the RV units, “significant.”
He said it may be in the best interest of the city to create a special improvement district that could tie in with Fourth Street and Seventh Avenue.
“Adding water and sewer opens the whole area to development,” Rasmussen said. “It’s about 500 acres up there with about 160 acres south of Seventh Avenue.”

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