September 23, 2011

Parshall development investor’s plans in flux

Parshall development investor’s plans in flux
By Jerry W. Kram
Ambitious development plans announced for Parshall several weeks ago are changing rapidly, said Mayor Richad Bolkan.
An investment group led by Michael Wells of MWR Development, Las Vegas, has hit a snag in its plans to develop a complex of extended stay motel rooms, a convenience store and restaurant on the corner of N.D. Highways 23 and 37. The group had wanted to start building on the site this month in hopes of having motel rooms available by January. Bolkan said that the city supports the developer’s plans but there is no way the city can have water and sewer connections extended that far until sometime in the fall of 2012.
“I left the talks a little more confused than when I started,” Bolkan said. “They said they wanted sewer and water right away. Then another said it would be OK if they had it by next spring. Plus, they haven’t locked in some of the pieces of property yet either.”
Bolkan said the developers presented a number of alternative scenarios, including developing some properties inside the current boundaries of Parshall and leasing some existing businesses.

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