April 1, 2011

Parshall Elementary construction in final phase

Parshall Elementary construction in final phase
Completion is still more than two months away
A lack of space and abundance of funds has shaped a construction project at the Parshall Elementary School. The building is adding on space for four classrooms but the progress has been slow going this winter.
Blizzard conditions and constant cold days delayed the outdoor construction started last fall so the project will not be done by it’s original completion date of the first part of April. According to Superintendent Steve Cascaden, the new completion date will most likely be sometime in June.
“We had the walls up relatively quick for the classrooms but it was just the roof and matching the roof lines that was more than fun with all the snow we have and all the cold weather,” Cascaden said. “Now we have work inside so that will go pretty quick.”
All the doors, windows and wiring is pretty much complete on the addition and crews are just waiting for more equipment to come in to finish this phase of the work. One major part of the construction that still needs to be done is connecting the heat bumps as the ports are called to the school’s thermal heating system.
“It’s just a matter of putting it all together now,” Cascaden said.

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