April 9, 2015

Parshall Elementray School rading Boot camp

By Edna Sailor

When it comes to encouraging students to read, Title I Reading Instructor, Crystal Grubb, knows how to kick it up a notch, especially during March Reading Month at Parshall Elementary School.

To put some extra energy into reading experience, Grubb initiated a Reading Boot camp project for Kindergarten through sixth grade students. She offered incentives and prizes for the class with the most books read and an individual student award in each grade as well. Grubb reported that 150 students read 512 books during the month.

"Students were encouraged to take books home and read," Grubb said. "Each completed book earned the student a dog tag which was added to a gymnasium display. We also had some dress up days to add to the fun and boost encouragement. We had a fatigue dress up day, a camouflage day and a Dr. Seuss dress up day and St. Patrick’s Day dress up. The cafeteria staff even got into the act with green eggs and ham on Dr. Seuss day."

Students and classes who read the most books earned prizes, awards and books.

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