May 19, 2016

Parshall EMS is always ready

By Edna Sailor

Called to Care. That is how Emergency Medical Services providers are described in professional journals. This week, May 15 to 21 is 2016 National EMS week.

The dedicated volunteers of the Parshall Ambulance are among those called to care. It is no small commitment when they voluntarily show up for duty when emergency situations arise. This is the week that as a nation, state and community we pause to pay tribute to them.

Jamie Clemensen, squad leader and her fifteen member squad stay on top of all of the details to be ready to roll when that 911 call comes in Parshall.

Those details include ensuring a well equipped, serviceable ambulance is patient ready to meet any emergency. In Parshall that means trading in the old ambulance for a new one. The new Parshall ambulance is a 2016 Horton F 550 and is emergency ready every day for patients and qualified personnel to care for them.

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