August 5, 2011

Parshall expands upon its horizons

Parshall expands upon its horizons
The boom in the oil industry has brought a lot of changes to Parshall and the city council thinks the town needs a little more elbow room if it wants to grow in the future.
At its regular meeting Aug. 2, the Parshall City Council held a public hearing on plans to annex a half mile of property on all four sides of town into the city. The city currently measures 1 mile by one-half mile, and would expand to 2 miles by 1.5 miles. This would also expand the city’s extra-territorial zoning authority by a half mile in each direction.
Parshall Mayor Richard Bolkan said the expansion was necessary because new companies were already developing property around the community and were asking to be tied into city services, including water and sewer lines. Eventually, if Parshall continues to grow, the annexation would allow the city to plat those areas and plan for streets, curbs and gutters.
There are several homes and businesses in the area being annexed. Those buildings are served by wells and septic tanks but would be hooked up to city services as they are extended into the area.

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