March 23, 2012

Parshall gains new fire truck

Parshall gains new fire truck
By Jerry W. Kram
There are miles of grass and roads around Parshall and both are keeping the Parshall Volunteer Fire Department busy. The department’s grass fire fighting vehicle is usually one of the first emergency responders on the scene for fires and accidents around the area. The department had been making do with a 1987 pick that had been converted to a fire vehicle, but thanks to the support of the community and area businesses, it now has a new fire truck to attack fires and save lives.
The truck arrived in Parshall on Sunday, said Parshall Volunteer Fire Department Chief Monte Billadeau. The new truck can carry more water than the old vehicle, Billadeau said.
“This vehicle will be used for quick attack of grass fires and house fires,” Billadeau said. “It is much faster at getting down the road than our big truck. It carries more water and has more tool space. There was no tool space on the old truck.”
All the pumps came off the old truck, Billadeau said. The new truck is foam equipped and is mainly intended to be used for grass fires.

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