October 18, 2012

Parshall gets new pharmacy

Parshall gets new pharmacy
by Jerry W. Kram
The roads and traffic have made it hard over the couple of years for people in Parshall who needed to get their prescriptions filled. Now it will be as simple as a visit to the Rockview Center.
The Rockview Pharmacy opened Monday. The business is owned by Mark Malzer who owns the Rexall Drug in Turtle Lake. Malzer lives in the Max area.
The Rockview Pharmacy is a 1,200 square foot store in the Rockview Center. It will be open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The store will also sell over the counter medications and giftware.
The Rockview Pharmacy is a telepharmacy. Malzer said telepharmacies are becoming increasingly common in North Dakota.
“The technician will fill the prescription and the pharmacist will check it over the Internet,” Malzer said. “Then the pharmacist will council the customer by phone as well. You get your prescription immediately just like the pharmacist was there.”
Malzer said he will be splitting his time between the pharmacies in Turtle Lake and Parshall. The store will be manned full time by pharmacy technician Traci Weaver, who lives in Stanley.
Malzer has been a pharmacist since 1985 and worked in Arizona and Minnesota until buying the pharmacy in Turtle Lake in 1996. Weaver has been a pharmacy technician since 2001.
“Both my wife and I are from the Max-Douglas area,” Malzer said. “That’s why we moved back and that allows me to easily go to either Parshall or Turtle Lake. Parshall ties in really well with what we are doing in Turtle Lake.

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