August 9, 2012

Parshall Highlands project moves forward

Parshall Highlands project moves forward
Developer, city reach agreement on bonding
By Jerry W. Kram
Several stumbling blocks to developing the north side of Parshall were cleared as developers Barry Arfa and Bryon Zacher and the Parshall City Council agreed on how permitting the project would proceed.
Arfa and Zacher brought a multipage “submission for approval “ for the entire project to develop 320 acres north of the Parshall High School. They spoke at length about their vision for the project, but the council was more interested in whether or not they had the proper documents ready for approval. The proposal included a master plan that laid out lots for 680 homes, 600 apartments, 320 hotel rooms and 30 commercial lots. Arfa and Zacher requested the council approve their master plan, which will include covenants to control the type and quality of homes built in the development. Once the plan was approved, Arfa said he would be able to hire a civil engineer to begin work on the pre-engineering for the entire development.

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