December 14, 2017

Parshall is ready for winter

By Edna Sailor
To no one’s surprise winter is here. That is especially true for Al Christianson and his crew over at the city maintenance shop in Parshall.
“It might still feel like October but we all know there is a lot of winter ahead of us. We do not have any new equipment, but our equipment is all prepped and ready to go and our blades are sharp. We expect things to go fairly well as usual,” he said.
With only a little snow on the ground so far, Christianson and his crew did have their challenges right out of the blocks this winter.
“We have already dealt with some sewer issues and we had to dig up some lines down by the elevator. The ground there is the level of the creek with a lot of water there. We were afraid the issue might be related to some new sewer mains we have installed. It’s not magic and you don’t know what the problem is until you dig down and find out. The ground is frozen about two feet down now,” he said.

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