October 18, 2018

Parshall looks at steps to brighten up Main Street

By Jerry W. Kram
With the reconstruction of the streets, sidewalks and infrastructure on Main Street in downtown Parshall, the city council is looking at the next steps necessary to improve the look and safety of downtown for residents and encourage more business development.
At its last regular meeting, council members discussed removing derelict buildings that have been sitting empty on Main Street for years. Four former businesses were named as targets for condemnation and demolition.
Papers have already been filed to start the condemnation process on the two of the buildings, said City Attorney Bill Woods. The old Redwood restaurant and old Ford Garage are in the beginning stages of the process. The other buildings talked about were the old pharmacy and an old body shop.
Woods said the first step of the process was to identify the buildings as deficient. The local fire marshal can inspect buildings to determine if they are structurally unsound and dangers. The regional district health unit can be brought in to determine if a building is a public health hazard due to things like mold or because it attracts and houses vermin like rats.

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