December 10, 2015

Parshall man seeks to calm coffee cravings

By Jerry W. Kram

If there is one thing that keeps the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation running, it is gallons and gallons of hot black coffee. And if Todd Howling Wolf-Moquino has his way, a lot of that coffee will be sourced through his new distribution company.

He and his wife, Kari Howling Wolf have started Howling Wolf Distributing to manufacture and distribute First Nations Coffee. Howling Wolf-Moquino grew up in Four Bears and now lives in Parshall. He and his wife have a number of enterprises, including an oilfield company and a beverage distribution service.

"We were working with a distribution company for 48 casinos down in Oklahoma," he said. "We found out that we were working harder than they were so we started Howling Wolf Distribution. We carry the First Nations Coffee."

Howling Wolf-Moquino said the company sources its coffee through an award winning roaster in Minneapolis, Morningstar Roasters. They began the company in August and started selling coffee in September. The company is selling the coffee to tribal institutions and colleges and retail over the internet at

"We have distribution all the way from Green Bay, (Wisc.) for the Oneida Nation all the way down to the southwestern United States," Howling Wolf-Moquino said.

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