January 31, 2019

Parshall native, Van Horn encourages “Letting It Go”

Parshall native, Van Horn encourages “Letting It Go”
By Edna Sailor
Parshall native, Mary Jo Van Horn is on a mission. She recently launched her new online, one hour Internet based radio show. She calls it ‘Letting It Go’. On the program Van Horn encourages listeners to call in for guidance and support on how to let go of negative emotions.
It was no accident that Van Horn arrived at her decision to reinvent herself. The effort began after a pair of business ventures failed. She founded Van Horn Media, Inc. in Bismarck in 2003. The business specialized in media planning and buying and thrived for several year. In 2009, Van Horn co-founded a second business, BluHorn LLC, a software company that licensed the media buying software, BluHorn Solutions. That did not go well for her. Within 18 months, the business partnership came to an end.

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