November 23, 2016

Parshall Park Board proposes pool plans

By Edna Sailor
The Parshall Park Board is seeking public input on the idea of building or repairing a new swimming pool and adding a splash pad.
The Park Board held a sparsely attended public input meeting recently. While the park board heard several ideas and comments, they looking for more input. Newly elected Park Board President, Dennis Steele welcomes more ideas and opinions.
“We still want to encourage people to submit their ideas and come to our next meeting on December 7. We also welcome community members who would like to volunteer to help with the project,” he said.
At issue for the park board and the community are the location, use and cost of the project. On the one hand, the park board could locate the new pool at the former pool site. In that scenario they could make limited use of some of the previous equipment. It would be located closer to the school as well.

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