November 4, 2011

Parshall Park District planning walking paths

Parshall Park District planning walking paths
The Parshall City Council heard plans from the Parshall Park District to build walking paths in the north half of the community in the next year or two.
Royce Aslakson, president of the park board, said the board had identified potential sources of funding to build walking paths around the community. The board attended the City Council meeting so the district could coordinate its plans and piggyback its work with the construction the city has planned over the next three years.
Aslakson said they have identified four potential projects. The first, Plan “A”, is a path between the Elementary and High Schools that could be funded by a Safe Routes to Schools project. Project “B” would be a mile long loop that would start at the Rock Museum and loop around the Rockview Plaza and loop back north to the Cenex and back to the Rock Museum. Trail “C” would begin at the Elementary School and use the newly built sidewalks along 4th Street North to 7th Avenue (currently county 38th St. NW) and east to the Rock Museum. Plan “D” would incorporate all three trails in a 2.5 mile trail system.
“We look to phase this in over three years,” Aslakson said. “We want a big chunk to be done in time to be part of the Parshall Centennial in 2014.”
Plan A would cost $400,000, Plan B $600,000 and Plan C $550,000. Partial funding would be available from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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