February 19, 2015

Parshall plans for summer construction

By Jerry W. Kram

The city of Parshall will soon be requesting bids for a number of construction projects for the summer of 2015. The city is expanding the project’s stormwater collection to reduce flooding problems in the neighborhood around the elementary school.

The changes will add about $1 million onto the project, increasing the cost of the stormwater project to $5 million. The city will be spending another $7 million on the construction of new sewage lagoons this year as well. Mayor Kyle Christianson said the city is seeking grants to help pay for the projects and that funding from the so-called "surge bill" in the North Dakota Legislature will also be used for the projects.

"We are trying to hold off on raising taxes in Parshall," Christianson said. "We’re all in the same boat there. If we can reduce costs, we’ll do it. We’ve had some increase in water and sewer charges, and that will pick up a little bit."

City Engineeer Jasper Schneider told the council that Parshall’s sewer system is near capacity right now. The new construction will be needed to accommodate any future population growth and new businesses.

"For growth, we are going have to increase the capacity of the sewer system and the whole nine yards," Christianson said. "We want to put the city in a place where it can grow. That’s what we are all after. We want to grow."

The council also decided not to include a watering system for the Doc Blatherwick Golf Course in the sewer construction project. The plan would have used treated water from the new lagoons to water the course. Christianson said the golf course is doing well and doesn’t need the system that would have cost about $500,000.

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