January 7, 2011

Parshall poised to grow to the north

Parshall poised to grow to the north
KLJ engineer: Annexation would more than double the size of the city

Is it possible for Parshall to more than double in geographical space as well as population in the next several years?
Dean Rasmussen thinks so and he pitched that message to the city council during Tuesday’s January meeting. Rasmussen, an engineer with Kadrmas Lee & Jackson, provided a draft engineering report suggesting the city annex numerous parcels of land immediately north of the city so Parshall will be poised to grow with continued oil production.
Rasmussen said he next intends to meet with landowners north of town who have 160, 160, 160 and 320 acre parcels to see if they might consider having that property annexed into the city, as well as a special improvement district being created for future development.

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