June 21, 2018

Parshall Promoters honor emergency squads

By Edna Sailor
Dozens of people of all ages attended the Parshall Promoters event that recently honored both fire and ambulance squads in Parshall. As a part of their honor event the Promoters provided a delicious meal of brats, franks and salads. Due to storm forecasts, the event was moved indoors to the RTC parking garages.
Jamie Clemensen, Ambulance Squad leader, and her team were delighted by the effort.
“We appreciate this event and we are fortunate to have a lot of community support. If we need help on a run or help carrying in equipment at a game someone is always there for us,” she said.
Kelly Weather, ambulance squad member, observed that “This community is lucky to have the number of volunteers who actually take calls and go on runs. It is a nice gesture on the part of the Parshall Promoters to acknowledge the countless hours the squad puts in,” he said.

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