December 15, 2016

Parshall ranchers know how to handle storms

By Edna Sailor
Dan and Barb Waldock know a thing or two about protecting their cattle herd during North Dakota’s stormy winter. Even with the back to back storms after Thanksgiving, the couple took it all in stride and managed their herd with the wisdom and care they have used in the past.
The two recent storms were quite different. The first dropped heavy wet snow and he second brought high winds, dropping temperatures and blowing snow. Waldocks have experienced both and understand the real threats.
“Wind and cold are the worst. The farther below zero it gets the more feed it takes to keep an animal in condition and the wind just makes it colder,” Waldock said.
As with most cattle operations, the Waldocks provide pens, barns pastures and protected areas for their Black Angus Cross herd and know that management of those resources spells survival for their animals

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