June 25, 2010

Parshall School Board discusses 5-year plan

Parshall School Board discusses 5-year plan
Enrollment, housing, AYP all at issue

Parshall School Board members spent Tuesday night discussing a five-year plan that included numerous items of interest including demographics, enrollment, housing for teachers, curriculum, No Child Left Behind and construction.
We’re trying to figure out what’s going to happen in the future,” said Supt. Steve Cascaden. “We know the Native American population is growing, but we feel we’re pretty steady at 270 to 280 students in K-12.”
According to Cascaden, in any given year, the school’s population can fluctuate by as many as 15 kids and taking that worst-case scenario into perspective, that would be a low-end population of 270 students. Thus the school board began to work with that in mind.
There was a lot of discussion on adequate yearly progess, which is affectionately known as AYP, or No Child Left Behind. Although Cascaden touted the teachers and students for achieving above average academics overall, the school fell short in AYP.
He said it’s a matter of having to tweak a system that doesn’t cater to every school in the nation, as opposed to this individual school being weak in AYP.
Oil impact was discussed as well.

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