August 31, 2017

Parshall School Board may seek new vote

By Jerry W. Kram
In the wake of the defeat of a bond referendum, the Parshall School Board met Monday to figure out how the district will move ahead after the vote.
The proposal received a majority of votes during the August 22 election, but did not meet the 60 percent supermajority level required by the state. About 54 percent of voters voted yes on the project."
The $5.6 million bond issue would have covered about a quarter of the cost of a new combined high school and elementary school. The Three Affiliated Tribes committed to investing $9 million, but that money was contingent on the bond referendum passing. As of press time, School Superintendent Beth Schwarz and School Board President Michelle Hoff are meeting with TAT Tribal Chairman Mark Fox and Northeast Segment Representative Mervin Packineau on the status of the tribal investment in the project.

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