June 26, 2009

Parshall School Board OK’s teacher contract

Parshall School Board OK’s teacher contract
Parshall School Board members voted on ratification of a two-year teacher contract, however, the Parshall Education Association refused to accept the contract until the board passed the second reading of two resolutions hammered out during negotiations.
With 14 teachers in attendance at Tuesday night’s meeting, PEA head negotiator Kathy Onstad said PEA is in agreement with the contract, but it will not be signed until resolutions concerning a grievance policy and educational reimbursement pass a second reading.
“I strongly suggest those two policies have a second reading or the association won’t sign the contract,” Onstad said. “We agree with the contract and our only concern is that second reading.”
Board member James Odermann read several resolutions during negotiations that all passed first reading. The grievance policy will require a board decision to be in writing and in the second resolution in question, teachers are to be reimbursed for educational expenses.
Other resolutions include: existing qualified teachers will be considered first for vacancies before the board goes outside the district for a new hire; teachers and administrators will be encouraged to attend professional workshops and all paperwork is to be completed before the beginning of the school year.
The board later called a special meeting for Thursday morning at 9 to pass second reading of the resolutions.
In the contract in which PEA is in agreement, staff will be paid state rates for travel and requirements to attend athletic events and ticket taking are no longer required, the cost for health care premiums will be set at $5,000, the driver’s education rate will increase from $17.50 to $20 per hour, the last paycheck will be issued June 20, or at the end of the school year and the contract will be reviewed annually.

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