July 22, 2015

Parshall School Board seats two new members

By Edna Sailor

At the July 17 Parshall School Board meeting, two newly elected members were seated with the board. They are Jay Clauson and Billy Johnson. Clauson has lived in the community for a year and a half. He decided to run for a variety of reasons.

"I believe if you have a complaint, you have to be part of it to make it better, not that I have complaints. I feel that way even with my kids. People complain and complain and just don’t do anything. I want to do better," he said.

Clauson moved to Parshall from Enderlin. He has one child in school in ninth grade.

"My goal is to bring some new ideas that worked well in Enderlin to the board. I can’t do that unless I am on the board," Clauson said.

Billy Johnson also took a seat at the board for his first time.

"I ran for the board to serve the children and faculty of the community and look after their best interests," Johnson said. "I am looking forward to helping ensure that everyone works together to set and meet goals."

Johnson has one child in fourth grade and another in 10th grade.

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