August 15, 2012

Parshall School looks to future

Parshall School looks to future
By Jerry W. Kram
Big changes could be coming to Parshall if all or even just some of the development proposals currently up in the air turn into reality. Those changes will also mean big changes for the Parshall School District as it prepares for a new year.
Even as the school is nearing completion of another triplex on the old rodeo grounds the district is still facing a shortage of teacher housing. School board member Michelle Billadeau said that if a proposed development north of school takes off, those problems may only get worse.
“They are talking about an incredible number of homes there,” Billadeau said. “Houses usually mean families with kids. We have to keep this not in the back of our minds but in the front of our minds as we go forward.”
Billadeau said it wouldn’t take many more students in each class before those classes would have to be split, which would mean the district would have to hire more teachers.

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