October 26, 2017

Parshall Schools consider tighter eligibility

By Jerry W. Kram
The Parshall School Board is considering tightening up eligibility requirements for extracurricular activities in the school district.
The board is in the process of revising all of its policies at a series of special board meetings. On Tuesday it had the first reading of policies on eligibility, suspensions and expulsions. The second reading of the policies will take place at the November special board meeting, at which time the rules can be amended, adopted or voted down. If the rule changes are adopted in November, they would go into effect before the start of basketball season.
There were two major changes introduced in the revised policies. If the policy is adopted, students will have to be passing all classes in order to participate in activities. Currently, they are allowed one failing grade. Two years ago, New Town adopted a “No-F” policy for student eligibility.

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