October 14, 2011

Parshall schools go equipment shopping

Parshall schools go equipment shopping
By Jerry W. Kram
The Parshall School Board approved several contracts for new equipment at its regular board meeting on Tuesday.
At its September meeting, the board decided to replace its pickup truck. The school uses the pickup for things like hauling pianos to choir concerts and moving lawn and snow removal equipment between the elementary and high schools. It is also needed when equipment needs to be taken to Stanley, Minot or Bismarck for repairs. After learning that a used pickup would cost about $18,000, board members thought that paying a little more money for a new vehicle that would be under warranty might be worth the additional cost. The board instructed the equipment committee to check prices for a new pickup with area dealers.
Nick Ator told the board the committee looked at getting a 4x4 long box pickup with an extended cab. The committee received a firm quote for $28,000 and with a government fleet discount, the district would be able to purchase the pickup for $23,000. Ator said the committee wanted to check with other dealers about the fleet discount before making a final decision. The board voted to authorize the committee to choose a vehicle for up to $23,100 after checking with other area dealers.
The board also approved the purchase of a snow blower attachment for its New Holland skid steer loader. Superintendent John Weidner told the board the district had paid $2,200 last winter to have excessive snow hauled away from school property. He explained that a snow blower would redistribute the snow rather than just piling it up to be hauled away.
“It will spread the snow out nice and smooth,” Weidner said. “I think it will be much more efficient.”

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