February 12, 2010

Parshall schools nearing end of 5-year ongoing education improvement plan

Parshall schools nearing end of 5-year ongoing education improvement plan
The Parshall Public Schools are nearing the end of their five-year state mandated school improvement plan. This plan began in September of 2005 and runs through the end of the 2010 school year.
During this cycle, the district has chosen two target areas - health and math/skills and modeling/word problems. Each committee has target goals for each area.
It is a continual process according to School Improvement Team steering committee co-chair Paula Grueneich. Parshall has been involved for more than a decade. It is a five-year cycle for chosen target areas. These areas are chosen based on the specific needs in each school. In the past, Parshall has worked on responsibility and language arts.
The health committee’s goal is to have all students, kindergarten through grade 12, engage in healthy lifestyles, making healthy food choices and engage in physical activity each day.
The math/skills and modeling/word problems committee is concentrating on having all Parshall students use critical thinking skills to increase math proficiency.
Through this process, teachers receive constructive direction on targeted areas that will improve the education in our school district. Identifying a target area allows us to focus on and improve troublesome topics.
When a new cycle begins, according to Grueneich, the teachers and administrators of the school meet and discuss areas that are in need. This information is based on results of stated mandated assessments. That information is then used as the baseline and different activities are implemented within the school day to try and improve in these areas. The students are made aware of the target areas and the activities.

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