June 17, 2011

Parshall seeking ‘Superman’

Parshall seeking ‘Superman’
Gary Schnellert from McPherson and Jacobson, L.L.C. gave Parshall School District members a clean slate Tuesday to paint a clearer picture of what type of candidate they are looking for to fill the school superintendent position.
The casual community input meeting drew nearly 20 concerned citizens to the Parshall High School library. The community answered a few simple questions, the consulting firm hired by the school district has a better idea of what the community is looking for.
The first major question that Schnellert asked those present at the meeting was what makes Parshall a good community for an incoming candidate?
The answers differed but overall the responses were positive about what Parshall could offer anyone, no matter his or her background and interests. Some of the responses included that the community was growing, it has a good grocery store and churches and the recreational opportunities are limitless. Some of the voices agreed that Parshall offers the stability of a rural community that isn’t present in a metropolitan area and that overall Parshall is a safe and culturally diverse area.

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