July 5, 2018

Parshall’s skyline to get overhaul

United Quality is building a 27 story elevator
By Jerry W. Kram
While work has been ongoing for a while, the board of United Quality Cooperative finally had a groundbreaking for its new $18 million elevator under construction in Parshall.
According to United Quality CEO Eric Jacobson, when the old elevator was demolished in March, some of the concrete dated back to 1925. An addition was added 30 years later, so most of the old structure was between 60 and 90 years old.
“It all came down along with two newer steel bins to make room for our new 820,000 bushel concrete facility,” Jacobson said. “Then construction began in late April. We’ve been digging down since then and now we are starting to build up. We should start getting above grade in August.”

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