June 25, 2015

Paul Broste Rock Museum will turn 50 next year

By Edna Sailor

It was a sunny Friday afternoon in June and Museum Curator, Doris Jacobson opened the doors at the Paul Broste Rock Museum as she has since she assumed her duties in 2006. She took over the endeavor from her husband, the late Robert "Jake" Jacobson, who operated the museum and even contributed some of his own specimens for viewing from 1998 until his death. Doris smiled broadly and delightfully greeted guests. She enthusiastically advocated for the museum and its stellar collection.

"We have had geologists and archeologists who would love to make big changes here, but we don’t need that. We want to keep Paul’s collection and hard work just the way he intended it." She said to visitors. She takes great pride and spares no detail when describing museum contents to visitors.

This day it was Alice Grove and Grandsons, Evan and Ethan, from Bismarck who have come to see the earth’s treasures collected, mounted ground and polished into perfect lapidary spheres displayed on handcrafted metal trees by Parshall’s own, Paul Broste.

"We have just been to South Dakota to see the rock collections around the Black Hills. The boys bought some rocks and became quite interested in them, " Grove said. Evan and Ethan nodded in agreement.

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