August 23, 2012

Permits approved for first 20 homes

Parshall Highlands takes next step
Permits approved for first 20 homes
By Jerry W. Kram
After months of planning, Parshall may finally see earth being moved on a major residential development in a few weeks.
Arfa Contracting got conditional approval for the first 20 houses of the Highlands of Parshall Development. The Parshall City Council granted the building permits pending additional engineering information and the completion of a plat map. If the additional information is satisfactory to City Engineer Todd Norton, then construction can begin.
Jim Lukasiewicz, president of Arfa Contracting, told the council the development group is ready to start building homes in about three weeks. If the weather remains good for building, he thinks they could be completed as early as Thanksgiving. The first group of homes is expected to sell for about $195,000 each.
“It’s an honor and a breath of fresh air to be able to proceed with this wonderful development,” Lukasiewicz
The Highlands of Parshall was the first major development to apply to the city after the city council adopted a developer’s agreement to guide new construction in Parshall. The developer’s agreement was adopted after a number of self-described developers approached the city with big ideas but never followed up, said Mayor Richard Bolkan. The agreement requires developers to give the city more details about a project, including how it will be financed, before the council will hear any development plans.
“This feels really great,” Bolkan said. “We have been looking for any kind of development. So to actually see the process going through and some homes possibly being built is pretty great. My term here is limited, and it would nice to see some development come in and see the city expand. I’d really enjoy seeing that. Hopefully it comes true.”
Bolkan said the purpose of the agreement was to weed out companies that weren’t serious about developing in Parshall and that Arfa Contracting was the first company to apply under the new requirements.
“I know it has been a somewhat arduous process to get to this point,” Bolkan said. “I just want you to know that these requirements weren’t directed specifically at you. You were just the first company to fall under these new rules.”

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