May 7, 2015

Plaza kids find Alaskan adventure in the classroom

By Edna Sailor

The sun may have been shining and the flowers starting to bloom around Plaza Elementary School, but the students inside were finishing up a frozen Alaskan adventure.

Angie Bersaw teaches grades three and four at Lewis and Clark Elementary School in Plaza. Through her excitement and passion for the Iditarod, her students have recently wrapped up the lessons for the year but not the memories she inspired in her students.

"One of the first years I was taught in California, way back in 2000, a colleague of mine followed the Iditarod and I did this project with her students," Bersaw said. "I always thought it was such a great idea, but just never tried it with students of my own until last year! The students, staff and I, just fell in love with the race, the mushers, and the excitement that follows these individuals as they are competing in the Last Great Race on Earth through the Alaska wilderness."

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