July 30, 2015

Plaza school prepares for K-12, Makoti school will close

By Edna Sailor

Plaza School looks like a construction zone right now. That’s because it is. The school is undergoing new construction and some remodeling to prepare for when Makoti students, teachers and classes move the high school operation to Plaza in the the fall 2016-17 school year. Lewis and Clark-North Shore will consolidate operations in Plaza for grades K-12 once construction on the school is completed.

"The construction includes the addition of a new gymnasium, remodel of science labs, and addition of new Math, Science, Social Studies and English classrooms," Brian Nelson, Superintendent of Lewis and Clark Schools, said.

In North Dakota, it is safe to say that communities have always held strong identity ties with their schools. The new plans for Plaza mean that Makoti School will close its doors permanently, which is difficult for any community facing that prospect. However, a previous vote in the two communities created a clear path for the transition.

"The communities voted on the issue to close Makoti and expand Plaza to K-12 a few years ago. It passed at 69 percent," Nelson said. "The newer, more modern Plaza site was the logical choice to house educational responsibilities for children from that area."

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