August 9, 2018

Plaza sisters bring home ribbons

By Edna Sailor
It is no wonder that Tegan and Tana Lee have a shelf full of ribbons from the fair and 4-H projects. In their home, and like many 4-H parents, Paul and Sarah Lee bring plenty of support to the table.
“4H offers lots of opportunities not only to do projects or show animals but to learn how to communicate and work well with others,” Sarah Lee said.
One eye catching project that daughter, Tegan entered was a photo of her dog. Tegan is a Clover Bud in 4-H so she had to enter the project in the open class category at the fair. No matter. She brought home the blue ribbon for her efforts. She was selective about her subject and has been at it for awhile.
“I have been taking photographs for awhile even though I am eight. I chose my dog Remmy cause I love her and think she’s really cute. I was really excited because blue in the open class is pretty good,” Tegan said.
Tegan plans to continue to take photographs. The blue ribbon is not the end of it for her.
“My mom does photography so there are always cameras around to take pictures. What I like the most about it is seeing them on the screen right away and then taking more to get one I like better. Sometimes I get to use my mom’s big cameras but sometimes I just take pictures with an ipad or phone,” she said.
Tegan advises other children who want to take photographs to “take a picture of something cute.”

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