August 14, 2014

Plaza woman new head of Job Service North Dakota

By Edna Sailor

When Governor Dalrymple appointed the new director for Job Service North Dakota last month, he named a former Plaza woman to the post. Cheri Giesen (Edwards) has been at the Job Service Director’s desk for a month now. While she brings a wealth of government and corporate experience to her duties, Giesen recognizes that her rural roots will also serve her well.

"I feel very fortunate to have grown up on a farm in North Dakota as it has prepared me to be a hard, dedicated worker," Geisen said. "I also have an appreciation of the employment needs in smaller communities. I saw firsthand neighbors helping neighbors. A first hand example was seeing one farmer helping another farmer get the crop in or off the field during a time of need. This ties into my new job with Job Service Partners. We need to work steadily with our partners and strengthen our relationship with them to find employees for the 25,000 open positions in the state. The job is too large without everyone coming together."

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