November 20, 2014

PRC to be rebuilt

By Jerry W. Kram

The Parshall Resource Center will be getting a makeover.

The Parshall City Council authorized the organization, which provides substance abuse counseling, to demolish half of its building in downtown Parshall. The PRC plans to build a more up to date facility on the site and add a 600 sq.ft. room for group therapy sessions.

Lon Burr said the east part of the PRC building was the old city jail. The west half of the building was added on several years ago.

"It was the old jail and it shows," Burr said. "The wiring in there is just a mess. That part of the building just needs to go away. We are going to take it down and rebuild from the ground up."

Along with the ancient wiring, the east side of the building also contains asbestos. Burr said one reason for requesting a building permit was to get the asbestos abatement done in the next few weeks so the rest of the demolition could be finished this winter. He said construction on the new addition will begin as soon as the weather permits in the spring.

Burr said the west side of the building is in good shape and will be retained. The Tribal Business Council has appropriated $1.1 million for the project.

City Attorney Bill Woods said that demolition work doesn’t require a building permit, and so wouldn’t violate the city’s moratorium on permitting nonresidential construction. The project wouldn’t need a building permit until it begins construction in April, and the moratorium will end in February with adoption of the city’s new building code. The council did not vote on the issue but assured Burr that the demolition could move forward.

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