January 16, 2014


Whereas, The city of Parshall was organized in 1914 and will commemorate 100 years of existence in the year 2014; and

Whereas, The city of Parshall wishes to acknowledge the lives and contributions of the many people who have called Parshall "home" for the past 100 years; and

Whereas, The early homesteaders came from northern Europe seeking a better way of life and freedom and opportunity often denied them in their own countries of origin; they brought with them very little material wealth but a strong will to survive and grow and prosper; and

Whereas, The original settlers struggled against formidable obstacles and challenges to adapt to the environment and to establish a community which encompassed and perpetuated their ideals, beliefs and visions; and

Whereas, The extremely cold climate, the resistance of the soil to productivity, the lack of moisture, the plagues and epidemics which swept across the country, the World Wars, the great Depression and the failure of the family farm are just a few of the challenges met by the residents; and

Whereas, In the early 1950’s, the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara people of the Fort Berthold Reservation faced overwhelming decisions and hardships when the waters of the Garrison Reservoir covered 90% of their productive ancestral lands and homes and forced their exodus to higher ground; and

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