August 31, 2017

Public comments on bond referendum vote

School board president Michelle Hoff created an Internet survey to get input on how the district should proceed after the bond referendum failed to reach the 60 percent mark. Here is a selection of some of the comments.
• The information needs to be presented with more definitive answers on the grants. There was to much give in those. People aren’t willing to let the superintendent make the decision with the fly by the seat of her pants attitude. Slow down. There is no way it can be built decent in the time frame suggested.
• I don’t know about best plan of action, other than KEEP the high school gym. Do NOT tear it down. Why do we have to send all our kids all over town for practices in other gyms! Maybe we wouldn’t have to have early morning practices. Also, if we r going to have grade school VB, we will need the gym!!

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