September 12, 2013

Rain dampens harvest push

Rain dampens harvest push
By Jerry W. Kram
Despite a late and wet spring, most farmers in the southern end of Mountrail County got a crop in and were harvesting decent yields until last weeks rain showers dampened their progress.
Rain showers varied widely across the region. According the North Dakota Ag Weatherr Network, Hofflund, northeast of New Town, received more than three inches of rain between last Wednesday and Monday. Just a few miles away in Ross, the rain totaled about an inch and a half. The weather station in the Plaza area recorded just over three quarters of an inch.
Mountrail County NDSU Extension Agent Jim Hennessy said farmers had been doing pretty well before the rain started. Hennessy added that the hail storms that hit the middle of the county in late August didn’t do a lot of serious damage to crops.
“In the south end of the county, the farmers were getting on a pretty good roll,” Hennessy said. “We were seeing some halfway decent yields. Not outstanding, but decent. But now it slowed up pretty good. I just talked to one guy who had 700 acres of oats he couldn’t get to. He just rolled it up into hay and he’s going to feed it.”

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