December 17, 2015

Recreation tops City Council agenda

By Jerry W. Kram

Whether it is the sunny days of June or the nose-numbing evenings of January, Parshall residents like to get outside and have fun. The Parshall City Council weighed on a couple of issues to expand and continue outdoor recreation the year around in the community.

The council approved a building permit and waived the permit fee on a proposal by the Three Affiliated Tribes to build an ice skating rink at 309 4th Street in Parshall. Byron Youngbird presented the plan to the council, saying the project would provide recreation for the community during the winter.

Youngbird said work had already started on the project. One of the challenges of the project was that the ground sloped about three feet from one end of the lot to the other. Youngbird said they had to bring in 15 belly dump trucks of fill to level the property. The rink will be approximately 100 by 65 feet in dimension. The tribe will be building a low fence and adding some lighting to the property as well.

Youngbird said the plans call for the addition of the 14x35 foot warming house at the west end of the lot by the alley. The tribe plans to rent ice skates and have some warm snacks like hot chocolate available in the house. Eventually, Youngbird said, the tribe would like to put a concrete or asphalt base on the rink so it could be used in the summertime. He said one possibility would be to have tables and benches so people could eat outdoors at summer events like Parshall Days.

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