May 23, 2019

Remembering his roots

By Edna Sailor
With all the graduations going on around us, there is one that we may be less aware of. Beau Billadeau, who graduated from Parshall High School in 2003, graduated from the University of North Dakota Medical School on Mother’s Day, May 12.
While there are a few years of distance from Parshall High School now, Beau is more than cognizant of his roots back to the community. He recalls the contribution that Parshall High School made in his career with fondness.
“Parshall High School did a great job of preparing me for college. I particularly remember my classes with Curt Wittmayer. He was just an excellent teacher. He always had time for us and I remember how excited he would get when he saw us learning the concepts he was teaching. He would always answer our questions in and out of school,” Billadeau said.
Recently, Wittmayer shared his philosophy about education.

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