September 29, 2016

Remembering loss to prevent future pain​

By Edna Sailor
A dreary, rainy day did not deter walkers from remembering family and friends who died by suicide. It is a hard topic to talk about. It is a hard thing to think about. It is a hard thing to remember for anyone.
However, a small group of people gathered together in Parshall recently to remember those who took their own lives. It was not a gathering of despair or hopelessness. Rather it was one of a number of healing steps for these families and friends. And the sun came out just as they started the walk around the track at the school.
Kay Crows Breast organized of the Second Annual Memory Walk. Among those she and her family remembered was nephew, Rudolph Herman Young Bird, who committed suicide in 2009.
“It took me seven years before I could even talk about it. The walk helps with healing and acceptance,” Crows Breast said.
The losses included a most recent one. The group remembered him as well.

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