November 16, 2017

Road work wrapped up

By Jerry W. Kram
The Parshall City Council is probably one of the few groups in the area looking for a little colder weather.
The Council got a report from City Engineer Jason Strand that work on city streets and sewers had wrapped up for the year, but that one street will need to be closed until cold weather moves in.
Second Avenue SW will be barricaded from Third Street to Main Street until it gets cold enough for the ground to freeze. Although the road has been restored to gravel, Strand said there was so much water in the soil that the contractor could not get the soil compacted to support vehicle traffic.
“Mud doesn’t pack,” Strand said. “It was wet and sloppy down there all summer and you can’t dry it out this time of year.”
The mud means the road will be soft until it freezes. Quam Construction will return in the spring to repair the street. Strand said they city could eventually pave that street, but he recommends waiting a few years so the ground can settle.

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