May 2, 2013

Ryder annexation sees another day

Ryder annexation sees another day
Petition sees no opposition

One hurdle has been cleared in an effort to have land annexed from the Lewis & Clark District to the Max School District.
But like once before, the biggest hurdle remains – having the issue come before the state.
At a special fact-finding hearing Wednesday, April 24 at the Ward County Courthouse, McLean and Ward County Reorganization Committee members voted unanimously to favor parcels of land being annexed from one district to the other. The proposal now advances and will come before the North Dakota State Board of Public Education.
This is the first step,” Ernest Medalen, Ward County Reorganization Committee member, reminded those in attendance. Speculation is that the state hearing could come in June. The state board generally meets the third Monday of the month, the group was told.
In previous hearings, both at the county and state level, school officials at Lewis & Clark were adamantly opposed to the proposal. Things were different this time.
Mike Lautenschlaeger, L&C board member, asked to testify first. He told the committee his district would support the request.

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