September 27, 2018

Ryder preserves thousands of artifacts

Ryder preserves thousands of artifacts
Locals go extra mile to remember the past
When in Ryder, do as the Rydonions do, and take a trip into the small community’s past.
Back in the pioneer days, Ryder was one of the finest places to live. It had everything from the massive Fredeen/Freeden Hotel, to a number of banks, dozens of business, ornate homes as well as a large schoolhouse. Even though there are not many people left in the town today, the memories of a bustling village along the Soo Line Railroad are displayed on Main Street.
The people of the greater Ryder area have preserved the history of days since passed, so much so, that they have filled two giant buildings full of artifacts, and they are continuing to grow larger all the time.
These folks from Ryder have gone above and beyond to preserve their history — more so than any other pioneer museum in the upper Missouri River area, and many people don’t even know it exists.

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