April 10, 2014

School board approves equipment, new teaching position

By Jerry W. Kram

The Parshall School Board looked at some upgrades to school property and started planning for next fall’s students in its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday.

The Board decided to invest in the district’s vocational agriculture program by purchasing a virtual reality welding trainer for $49,000. Superintendent John Weidner said the machine exactly matches the experience of using a real welding machine without the cost of consumable supplies.

"Right now we can’t offer welding in our vo-ag program because we don’t have the proper ventilation," Weidner said. "With this we would be able to offer cutting edge training. I think this would give our kids a nice advantage with all the stuff that’s going on in the oil fields."

The board also approved spending $35,000 for sound proofing for the elementary gymnasium. Weidner said the gym, which is also used as the cafeteria and assemblies as well as phy ed classes was deafening when it is filled with children. The acoustics also makes it difficult to hear speakers who come in for assemblies. The sound proofing will be purple to match the school colors.

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