August 20, 2010

School board discusses agenda

School board discusses agenda

Bus drivers short, retirement
fund short, meeting cut short


A full agenda, interested patrons and teachers and school about to begin made for a marathon school board meeting Monday night in Parshall.
Four hours after it started, board President Carol Zacher asked for adjournment with a couple of new business items that were to be continued at the next meeting.
Otherwise, debates were held, votes were taken and the board heard from patrons and teachers alike from the purchase of a new popcorn to hiring anciallary staff.
Kathy Onstad met with the board about the Teachers Fund for Retirement. Onstad, representing the Parshall Education Association, said it was learned during a recent audit that she was one of several teachers who owed TFFR some money and was wondering if that situation was rectified.
Onstad used her own example of owing TFFR $250 and finding that out after the audit. Numerous other teachers, some already retired, paid too much to TFFR in a sitaution that was examined back to 2005.

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